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Website Analytics

The internet contains 5 million terabytes of data, and over 2 billion websites, but Google has only indexed 0.04% of it all - make sure that Google understands your business as much as you do!

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Understanding Data


Google Analytics example

Analytics tools track your customers interactions with your website. From number of visits, demographics, clicks and dwell time, we can use this data to understand your customers browsing habits and patterns.

This data can include visits to your website, which pages are the most popular, how long your site takes to load, where your customers come from, etc.

Actionable insight

This data can then be used to drive improvement for your website. For example if your customers are finding it difficult to find out about your products or services, then it might be because they cannot find them quickly or easily enough.

Using this website data we can turn this insight into tangible actions to improve your online campaign and reach your digital goals.

Customer Segments

Using this information can help you understand your customer segments; who visits your site, when they visit your site, where from and how. 

We can then begin to classify your customers into segments to understand them better and shape your business goals.

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